Past Events

Past Events

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Events in 2014

January 15
Brookings Institution, Washington, DC :  Video and Transcript

January 29
Cornell Club, Washington, DC

February 5
Cornell Club, New York City *R

February 6
Council on Foreign Relations, New York City

February 11
Emerging Markets Institute, Johnson School, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

February 18
Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, India

February 25
International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies, Geneva, Switzerland

February 27
Center for Financial Studies, Frankfurt, Germany

February 28
Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt, Germany

March 4
World Bank Infoshop, Washington, DC *R

March 5
Treasury Executive Institute, Washington, DC

March 11
Bank of England, London, U.K.

March 13
Museum of American Finance, New York City *R

March 26
China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, Beijing, China

March 26
Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

March 27
Beijing International Society/Embassy of India, Beijing, China

March 28
Beijing Bookworm, Beijing

March 28
Shanghai Advanced Institute for Finance, Beijing

March 29
China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, Beijing

March 31
American Chamber of Commerce/Fung Global Institute, Hong Kong

March 31
Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong

April 3
National University of Singapore, Singapore

April 4
Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore

April 5
Singapore Management University, Singapore

April 8
Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC *

April 9
Arlington Public Library, Arlington, VA *

April 15
Chosunbiz Future Finance Forum, Seoul

April 16
Bank of Korea, Seoul

April 17
American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai

April 17
Foreign Correspondents Club, Shanghai

April 18
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai

April 20
Institute for International Economic Studies, Tokyo

April 20
University of Tokyo, Tokyo*

May 21
Chatham House, London

May 21
H.M. Treasury, London

May 29
Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC

August 15
OCBC Regional Forum, Singapore

September 15
CLSA Forum, Hong Kong

September 24
Chats in the Stacks, Mann Library, Cornell University*

October 16
Swiss National Bank, Zurich, Switzerland

October 17
Center for Finance and Development, Geneva, Switzerland

Events in 2015

January 22
Peters & Co. Conference, Calgary, Canada

March 17
Brookings-Tsinghua Center, Beijing

March 18
Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Beijing *R

June 19
National Bank of Poland, Warsaw*